• Crop harvesting is done by GALEKS-AGRO’s own transport.
  • There are 5 modern John Deer and 1 Klaas combine in the enterprise fleet.
  • The harvested crops deliver to the central warehouse in Stryeva village by own transport.


The central warehouse is used the German Riela complex for cleaning and drying cereals.

The cereals is conditioned according to the requirements of State Standards of Ukraine (DSTU) and then store in Elevator.


Crops are stored as at silos as at warehouses. There are 7 silos with a volume of 15000 m3 at the territory of central warehouse. There is also an export warehouse where crops additionally are cleaning on Petkus equipment.

After harvesting crops samples are sent to State standard metrology to obtain safety protocols for raw materials.

During the harvest, Organic Standard LLC takes samples from each machine that comes from the field, as well as from each filled silo to perform tests confirming the organic origin of products in accordance with the regulations of the European Union.

Processing of buckwheat, spelled, oats, corn, soybeans is carried out by contractors certified by “Organic Standard”:  PSP “Anastasia”, LLC “Skvyra Bakery”, LLC “Ukroliya”, LLC “Firm DIAMOND LTD”.


GALEKS-AGRO – company which is focused on grain exports and exports its products to EU countries – Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, as well as Israel. The rest of the grain is used by the firm to feed cattle and pigs on its own farms.

Transportation of organic cereals is carried out exclusively in big-bags. Each runner is placed on a rubber mat to ensure that the cargo is maintained during transportation.