Organic, high quality, certified.

About us


Private enterprise “GALEKS-AGRO” is a vertical integration of the companies (ORGANIC MILK LLC – ORGANIC MILK TM, ORGANIC MEAT product LLC – ORGANIC MEAT TM),  creating productive link from organic crops and livestock production to organic raw material processing at the first in Ukraine dairy plant ORGANIC MILK LLC (TM “O”), with the capacity of 30t / day, which produces only certified organic products.

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Improving the quality of land, clean environment

Organic livestock and crop production

Providig population naturally clean food products

Creation of new working places in rural areas

Widening of cultural areas under organic arable crops and implementation of measures for quality improvement

Influence the development of organic sector in Ukraine and integration of Ukrainian enterprises into international trading


What we offer

Organic Livestock Farming

Breeding of Simmental cattle for meat and dairy

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Organic Corps

The main focus of the company is certified organic plant growing

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Organic Honey

In May 2013 the company purchased 40 pcs of bee families, which in 2014 were increased to 120 pcs of bee families and was awarded the status of "Organic apiary."

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The private enterprise "GALEKS-AGRO" closely cooperates with leading domestic and foreign companies. Among our partners are leaders in the ice cream industry, sales and service of agricultural machinery, consulting on plant growing and livestock, well-known suppliers of food and beverages and many others.


The legal address

33 Michurina str., Stryeva village, Novograd-Volynskyi district, Zhytomyr region 11777, Ukraine

Mailing address

1-A Lesya Ukrainka Street., Novograd-Volynskyi town, Zhytomyr region, 11707, Ukraine