June 3-6 in Kiev in the National Complex "Expo-center of Ukraine" held XXVII International Agricultural Exhibition "Agro-2015", which was presented during the four days of the best achievements of agro-industrial complex of Ukraine.

Each year the event, without exaggeration, it is an agricultural event of the year not only in the country but throughout Eastern Europe. There are an evidences: presented at this year's fair production and investment potential producers of 160 countries. Most of the areas traditionally "wrested" the technique that becomes the ground to long stay visitors. Exhibits - for tens of millions of dollars. Tractors, harvesters, loaders, sprayers, seed drills and plows, working inside the packaging - kick the tires were as for farmers as for managers of agricultural holdings. You can only conclude that revamping leading sector can be achieved in a short time. But such conclusions without financial resources remain only in terms of domestic producers. And it should be good before the harvest in most economies buy few combines for the park of enterprise but the price of machinery just rolls over.

The European Union is set to fruitful cooperation with Ukraine on agribusiness development and expansion of export capacity, the Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine Ian Tombinskyy had said during the International Forum «Ukrainian Agri & Food Forum». He added that the Ukrainian products are popular not only in Europe but also in global markets. According to him, for potential farmers must develop recycling and constantly improve the quality of products.Details

As part of the "Agro 2015" held International specialized exhibition of cattle breeding and veterinary medicine "ANIMAL` EX-2015" which PE "GALEKS-AGRO" presented Swiss breed heifers of Symental. [by author: September 2014. the enterprise has gotten the status reproducer of Simmental cattle (the order of Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine №334 / 197]

Today one of the fastest growing areas in Ukraine and the world is a market of organic products. With ecological, safe and certified products the visitors of an exhibition "Agro-2015" could find out more visiting a number of organic Ukrainian producers represented at the international specialized exhibition «ORGANIC-2015". Each could find the taste of organic goods for himself - sausage, ice cream, butter, snacks, etc.

Traditionally, the exhibition has already been presented in the second timeLLC "Organic Milk"with product line of organic dairy products. The visitors of our stand could taste the milk, sour cream, kefir, non fat yogurt, hard and soft cheeses, as well as a pleasant novelty were delicious sweet yogurt that soon you will find in the stores of your city.

An organic honey of PE "GALEKS-AGRO" has been also popular, which has already made an impression on visitors at the international exhibition of organicBiofach 2015, Nurnberg (Germany).

At the exhibition were placed also the representatives of the leading agricultural companies in Ukraine and the world: Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Korea, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Slovakia, the United States, the Czech Republic and France.