In October 2014 in PE "GALEKS-AGRO" happened a unique event - a cow "Zozulia" gave a birth to triplets - bull-calf and two heifers.

We accustomed to the birth of twins in the company, there are for five pairs of twins can be per month, but alive and healthy triplets it is really pleasure and pride.

Cases of triplets of course depend on many factors - genetic potential of cows, quality and performance of bull's semen and from the combination getter with a cow.

PE "GALEKS-AGRO" uses in his practice purebred mating - frozen semen of selected high-performance Swiss breed bulls "Symental".

According to statistics, on 100 calving are 1-3 cases of twins birth and on 13-14 thousand of calving - triplets.

Hopefully, newborn triplets efficiently continue the work of their parents, and will be pleased the company of their new achievements.