Ukraine has great potential for the development of the organic market, as interest of exporting certified organic products of domestic producers abroad is increasing every year, that are evidenced by the manufacturers who were presented at the Sixth International Conference "Development of the organic market in Ukraine: Exports of organic products and political dialogue "(Kiev).

The event has been organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Ukraine in the field of agriculture, Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL), International Certification Body "Organic Standard", consultative body "Q's" and the USAID Agroinvest. At the conference were speaches of Ukrainian producers and exporters, international experts from Switzerland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary and America.

Oleksander Yushchenko, general director of PE "GALEKS-AGRO" shared with beginners at organic market of his experience and success at exporting organic products to Western markets. Mr.Yushchenko explained that they should not expect huge results right now, but may not give up at the first failure that have befelled you. "Organics - it's my life. That's the secret of success. "- said general director.

Also held discussions with the authorities about the problems of Ukrainian legislation and problems faced by producers. It would be desirable that the government was meet producers halfaway and contributed at the development of the organic sector in Ukraine.