Organic market in Ukraine is growing rapidly, but mistrust on the part of consumers still exists. Appears every second opinion on the authenticity of organic producers and distrust.

In order to dispel doubts and to promote organic cult among domestic consumers, PE "GALEKS-AGRO" together with "Organic Milk" from June 2015 conduct free tours on their own capacities, for citizens of provincial town, and by yourselves to see the entire production cycle from "farm to fork".

June 19, 2015, has been conducted the first tour, which began on one of the farms PE "GALEKS-AGRO", Gulsk village. The farm manager told participants of the tour what lies under organic livestock management, showed welfare, completely mechanized milking halls and feeding-stuffs.

The guests were most enjoyed by the presence of each animal card which records all data: age, time of calving, milk yield, etc., and that after calving calf feed on only mother's milk.

It should be noted that agriculture and nutritive base of PE "GALEKS-AGRO" is completely under the control of international certification bodies (LLC "Organic Standard" and Bio Suisse), who conduct regular authorized and unauthorized checking .

Then the tour continues on the first in Ukraine dairies of the production the certified organic dairy products "Organic Milk" LLC. Throught viewport everybody can be seen in real the production cycle. After the tour there was a degustation of the entire line products which can be purchased in specialized "Organichna Kramnytsa" (Novohrad Volynskyi town) and supermarkets «GoodWine», "Fozzy-Food," "Mega Max" and other networks in Kyiv , Zhitomir, Vinnytsya, Odesa,Lviv etc.

Sign Up For Such A Trip Can Anyone By Calling(04141) 3-56-70 Or Visit The Store "Organichna Kramnytsa" At Novohrad-Volynskyi Town, 17 Shevchenko Str.


Pasechnik Lyudmila, Novograd Volynskyi SES: "We got acquainted with the production rather from a professional point of view. To full realized that the company produces products of assured quality. It is modernized, modern, high production, closed process, guaranteed quality raw materials - milk is not delivered to the company of days but for a few hours. Impressed as the production process as discipline also. Besides, nowadays no technology of enterprises could recommend products for baby food without heat treatment, and representatives of the "Organic Milk" boldly say that the products can be used for baby food "

Svetlana Vlasyuk, Novograd Volynkyi SES: "Compared to the equipment used before it's a big step forward Ukraine. Product quality also taste different as non-organic products"