April 16-17 in Kiev, hosted the 5th International Conference on the organic sector development in Central / Eastern Europe and Central Asia, organized by the Organic Federation of Ukraine and a German company Organic Services.

The 225 participants from 30 countries took part in the conference, namely from Western Europe, the USA, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and even Iraq.

This conference is the largest and most prestigious event of Region's Experts , Europe and beyond on a wide range of organic production, marketing, legal and strategic planning.

Particular attention is paid to the current situation and prospects of organic matter in the whole world.

Ukraine declared itself on the global market of organic and is a major exporter of organic raw materials, but besides the market in the country is actively developing the domestic market: in 2010 it amounted to 2.4 mln. Euros, in 2014 - already 14.5 million. Euro.


The final chords of the conference was a visit to Zhytomyr region (18 April). Delegates visited the first "Organic shop" (Novohrad-Volynskyi town), where are a wide range of organic products of own production PE "GALEKS-AGRO" and organic dairy products TM "Organic Milk" and many other useful organic and natural products other domestic manufacturers.

For a better understanding of the organic sector, continued to tour one of the trusses PE "GALEKS-AGRO", where you could see the living conditions of cattle and calves, milking facilities, shelters for grazing in the open, where the animals spend 210 days / year, extensive platform with non-stop access for cows, heifers and young adults during the calendar year.

The raw milk of PE "GALEKS-AGRO" is processing to Ukraine's first certified organic dairy "Organic Milk" (by author - "Organic Milk" LLC is in group of companies "GALEKS-AGRO").

All the participants of the international conference could see the production process and treat dairy products at the modern milk factory.

Those present were shocked and did not hide their delight at what they have seen and heard. Sounded a lot of words of gratitude to the organizers of the international conference, and a large thanksfull to the owner-organic (PE "GALEKS-AGRO" and "Organic Milk" LLC) who creates and love what they do, as Alexander Yushchenko says: "Organics - this is my lifestyle. "