Organic honey

The climate of Zhytomyr region is very favorable for the development of bee-keeping. The forest-nectariferous trees and shrubs, herbaceous plants, which in a great quantity are found in meadows, floodplains and their tributaries, are the great sources of honey flow.

Among a great number of insects living on Earth, bees are the most useful. They give honey - sweet, fragrant, nourishing, healing, incomparable product. Honey contains a lot of minerals and sugars that are easily digested. It has proteins, vitamins, acids, enzymes and other substances necessary for our body.

In May 2013 the company purchased 40 pcs of bee families, which in 2014 were increased to 120 pcs of bee families and was awarded the status of "Organic apiary."

Among the varieties of organic honey, the company sells the following kinds:

  • Herbs
  • Linden
  • Linden-Buckwheat
  • Buckwheat

Organic honey.Herbs (750gr)

There is high aroma and taste qualities collected in one jar of honey. Polyflora honey - gathered by bees from flowers of different plants (sainfoin, buckwheat, clover), shrubs and trees.

Sainfoin’s honey - improves immunity and blood circulation, intensifies "man" strength and health, strengthens capillary vessels.

Sweet clover (melilot) as a plant - medicinal, so it is considered that clover’s honey has special medicinal properties. It is recommended for respiratory diseases, colds, headaches, insomnia. Is very useful for women.

Herbal honey is not only delicious food, but also a universal medicine.

Organic honey. Linden (750gr)

Linden honey is one of the most valuable and best varieties of honey. The bees make this kind of honey from the nectar of a green-yellow color lime tree. Except the excellent taste and unique flavor, linden honey has many more healing benefits. Linden honey contains carotene, vitamins C, E and B complex, many beneficial microelements and biologically active substances.

Organic honey. Linden-Buckweat(750gr)

This unique honey combines the features of lime and buckwheat honey. It is recommended for anemia. There is a strong nutritional and medicinal properties, antibacterial action. It has antipyretic, expectorant, anti-inflammatory effect. It is used in women's diseases, colds, stomach’s problems.

Organic honey. Buckwheat(750gr)

Buckwheat honey is rich with vitamins and minerals that the buckwheat have. First of all the buckwheat honey is a great source of iron. It is recommended to use when anemia, both primary and secondary. It is required for women of childbearing age to eat a bit of the honey because the need in iron is increased it this period.