Livestock Production

Specialization of livestock: breeding of Simmental cattle for meat and dairy.

Simmental breed is one of the oldest combine production specie of cattle in the world.

The main attribute of Simmental breed is high meat and milk productivity of animals: 5.5 -7.5 thousand litters during lactation, 4.0% -4.5% of fat and 3.2%-3.6% of protein. Adult cows of Simmental breed reach a weight of 650-700 kg, and breeding bulls can collect up to 1300 kg.

Animals are characterized by high meat qualities, with well-developed skeleton adapted to any environment, resistant to stress.

Calves are born with a weight of 35-45 kg. In 6 months, being well fed and having a high rate of growth, the animals reach 200-240 kg of live weight, which makes it possible to put them at an earlier age in growing and fattening.

12 months-old bulls weigh 400-450 kg, to 18 months - 500-650 kg with average daily gain 950-1200 gr. Slaughter output of young is 50-54% , in adults - 51-52%.

Switzerland - homeland of Simmental breed.

The main products of livestock for sale:

  • raw milk ;
  • Simmental beef (9-12 months) - the raw material;
  • Simmental beef (4-6 months) - the raw material;
  • by-products (liver, tongue, heart, lungs).

Amount of cattle - 2800 animals.; including dairy cows - 1250 animals.

Exit calves per 100 cows - 98 calves.

An average yield per 1 cow 7000 kg for 305 days per lactation time. Milk grade- "Extra" (bacterial pollution is up 25-30 thousand sm³, capacity of somatic cells up to 180 thousand sm³).

The average fat content of milk - – 4.2%.

The average protein content - – 4,3%.

The average increase in live weight – 950gr / day.