General director and the founder of the company Oleksander Yushchenko

Galeks-Agro PE was established in 2008.

The main focus of the company is organic certified livestock and crop production, the development of the organic market in Ukraine.

Crops specialty: grains and legumes.

Main grown crops: wheat, spelt, rye, barley, oats, diaper, beans, vetch, buckwheat, millet, soybeans, maize.

Presently the enterprise grows the crops on the square of 8452 hectares that are certified as organic farming.

Livestock specialty is breeding of Simmental cattle for meat and dairy.

All products GALEKS-AGRO PE are certified by international certification body Organic Standard, meet the requirements of Equivalent standard of organic production and processing for third countries, which is equivalent to Council Regulation (EC) # 834/2007 and 889/2008, are approved as organic and meet the requirements of Bio Suisse (Switzerland).

In 2014, GALEKS-AGRO PE got the certificate of Producer of organic honey.


  1. 2008 – 2009 Development of 2000 hа non-rural lands.
    Certified as "organic of transition time".
    Purchasing of equipment, establishing of technical and economic base of the company.
    In July 2008 was held its first seminar in Ukraine "Ukrainian Day of organic field" within the Swiss-Ukrainian project "Organic Certification and development of the organic market in Ukraine", which was attended by the representatives of 9 European countries.

  1. 2010 – 2011 Enlargement of rural land to 5 736 ha.
    Certification by the Swiss certification body Institute for Marketecology (IMO). The enterprise becoming one of the first producers of organic products in Ukraine, that are certified by European standards.

  1. 2010 In the Gulsk village of Novograd-Volynskyi region, was created innovative dairy complex by European standard with the capacity of 500 heads of cattle to develop organic livestock and reproduction of meat and dairy Symental breed in Polissya.
    Average yield per 1 cow is 22 l/day. 6 700 l/305 days per lactation.

  1. 2011 GALEKS-AGRO has entered the European market (Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy) to sale the own production of organic grains: wheat, barley, rye, millet, buckwheat. Total sales volume riched 3 000 tonnes.

  1. 2011 - 2013 Crops production has been certified by the Swiss certification body Institute of Environmental Marketing (IMO).

  1. 2012 GALEKS-AGRO is a partner of the Swiss-Ukrainian project "Development of the organic market in Ukraine" (2012-2016).
    Start up of construction and renovation of dairy farm for 850 heads of cattle in the Gorodyshche village, Novograd Volynskyi region. Nowadays 359 heads of Simmental tribal heifers are brought there.

  1. 2013 - nowadays The company is certified by the international certification body "Organic Standard"

  1. May 2014 - nowadays Organic Milk LLC , the first in Ukraine certified plant on organic dairy production from own raw material with a capacity of 30t per day, has been commissioned. Is a part of vertically-integrated structure of GALEKS-AGRO.

  1. September 2014 The enterprise has gotten the status of Reproducer of Simmental cattle (the order of Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine №334 / 197).

  1. NowadaysGALEKS-AGRO PE is involved as the Leader Company to the Swiss-Ukrainian Project “Organic market development in Ukraine" (2012-2016), implemented by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL, Switzerland).